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Meet The Team

The team at Reading Pride is formed of dedicated volunteers in a variety of roles. We are always in need of enthusiastic people to help throughout the year so if you can commit some time to help the LGBT+ community and to shape the future of your Pride please get in touch.


Lead by the Chair the Trustees make the key charity decisions, provide direction and bear the legal/financial responsibilities. They are voted on by the members at a General Meeting.

  • Photo of Paul Britt
    Paul Britt (He/Him)

    Paul has been a trustee of Reading Pride since 2009 and voted in as Chair of the organisation in 2017, with a break in 2013. He has been an LGBT+ activist for over 21 years in campaigning, leadership and promoting equality and equal rights for all working with LGBT+ organisations such as We’re Out West, LGBT Consortium, NHS Equality project and campaigning for the repeal of Section 28, promoting marriage equality and equal age of consent. In 2019 Paul was nominated for his work building an LGBT+ Network at the British LGBT Awards in London, where he couldn’t resist a selfie with singer Ellie Goulding.

    Paul is a published biomedical scientist. His published work focused on patients with advanced ovarian cancer and their drug sensitivity in relation to glutathione modulation. He began his career in the National Health Service, and currently holds a leadership role as an Associate Director of Global Regulatory Affairs specialising in Medical Treatment Divestment for the worlds largest healthcare company.

    Paul is also a signed producer having his musical catalogue published by Universal Music Publishing. He is very much an advocate for creating opportunities for new and emerging talent in the local area. He supported a member of the community to fulfil this vision, with the introduction of the Pride aLive stage, which gave a platform for local talent to perform.

  • Photo of Kirsten Bayes
    Kirsten Bayes (She/Her)

    Kirsten joined Pride as a Trustee in 2016. She has been involved with LGBT+ groups for more than twenty years and is a former Deputy Leader of Reading Council.

    She is a director in several not for profit organisations, and is the co-owner of a small business providing information security services.

  • Photo of Andy Adams
    Andy Adams (He/Him)

    Andy has been involved in Reading Pride for over 10 years, leading the development of our parade into a new expanded format, joining the board as a Trustee in 2013 and taking up the role of Treasurer in 2017.

    Having grown up in Northern Ireland, he studied at the University of Reading, serving Chair of the RUSU LGBT group for two years. Now working as a project manager in the rail industry, Andy brings broad industry experience including regulatory compliance, Health and Safety management and event logistics.

    Beyond Pride, Andy is active in local politics and has been a parliamentary candidate, gaining significant experience in local government liaison and stakeholder engagement.

  • Photo of Mikey Russell
    Mikey Russell (He/Him)

    Mikey first got involved with Reading Pride as a volunteer at the 2007 festival and enjoyed the event so much that he joined the committee in preparation for the 2008 festival which has resulted in being awarded a LGBT long service award in 2015.

    At first Mikey’s role focused on managing the website but over the years digital portfolio grew to encompass social media, digital marketing and recently supporting the newly formed MyUmbrella committee.

    In 2017 Mikey was also elected as a trustee taking his journey within Reading Pride from committee member to board member through a leadership-track route which he carries on by mentoring others and pushing forward the message through the globally recognised brand Love Unites.

    During a nine-month break in 2013 Mikey continued to support the LGBT+ community through work with local charity Support U in its founding years helping them put on important fund-raisers when they launched including consulting on their online media offering to their founding board. His role has kept him close to both the civil activism and social impact the LGBT+ community face making him a strong addition to a diverse board.

    Outside of volunteering, Michael has been involved in the web/IT industry for over 15 years and is currently a PHP developer for Regit an automotive technology firm that provides digital car management services for drivers based on their car's registration plate.

  • Photo of Sarah Hacker
    Sarah Hacker (She/Her)

    Sarah has been patron of Reading Pride since 2016. She is a lifelong equality campaigner and ally to the LGBT+ community in Reading for many years both as a councillor and Mayor.

    As a trustee she will bring her energy, commitment and networks to help grow Reading Pride and ensure it represents all communities within Reading.

    Sarah is also an active trade unionist and equality rep. She believes Prides should continue to be political events with active participation and support from trade unions and local parties. There is still a lot to fight for and, together, we will achieve equality for all the LGBT+ community.

  • Photo of Sophia James
    Sophia James (She/Her)

    Sophia is the Lead Councillor for Neighbourhoods and Communities taking a lead on community safety and equalities issues across Reading.

    She is a lifelong equality activist and has been involved in a number of campaigns and projects including LGBT History Month, Black History Month, Reclaim the Night and creating a Disability Equality Week at university. She also co-runs the LGBT Meet-Up Group and is part of the Reading Carnival organising committee.

    In the past Sophia has served as a trustee of a students’ union and governor of a local school. She currently manages an outreach project at a local university.

Love Unites Parade & Festival Team

Lead by the Chief Executive Officer oversees the festival planning which includes a vast range of different skills and opportunities.

  • Photo of Tom Price
    Tom Price (He/Him)
    Chief Engagement Officer
  • Photo of Bradley Cooper
    Bradley Cooper (He/Him)
    Funding Team Manager
  • Photo of Jamie Dewson
    Jamie Dewson (He/Him)
    Funding Support
  • Photo of Fraser Dear
    Fraser Dear (He/Him)
    Operations Manager
  • Photo of Lexie Newlands
    Lexie Newlands (She/Her)
    Operations Manager
  • Photo of Michael Main
    Michael Main (He/Him)
    Parade Manager
  • Photo of Anthony Morgan
    Anthony Morgan (He/Him)
    Parade Support
  • Photo of Daniel Hayman
    Daniel Hayman (He/Him)
    Marketplace Manager
  • Photo of Richard Powell
    Richard Powell (He/Him)
    Marketplace Manager
  • Photo of Marc Cotton
    Marc Cotton (He/Him)
    Operations Assistant
  • Photo of Sophie Sheehan
    Sophie Sheehan (She/Her)
    Pride aLive Stage Coordinator
  • Photo of Jasmin Wade
    Jasmin Wade (They/Them)
    PrideXtra Stage Coordinator
  • Photo of Donna-Marie Bowers
    Donna-Marie Bowers (She/Her)
    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Photo of Peter Cresswell
    Peter Cresswell (He/Him)
    Website Developer
  • Photo of Sonus Ngok
    Sonus Ngok (He/Him)
    Graphic Designer
  • Photo of Kerry Kleis
    Kerry Kleis (She/Them)
    Photography Coordinator
  • Photo of Charlotte Parham
    Charlotte Parham (She/Her)
    Volunteer Coordinator
  • Photo of Marie Mathieson
    Marie Mathieson (She/Her)
    Volunteer Coordinator
  • Photo of Christina Dearlove
    Christina Dearlove (She/Her)
    Social Media Manager
MyUmbrella LGBT+ Project Team

Lead by the team leaders run the MyUmbrella LGBT+ project that focuses on raising awareness of the lesser known sexuality and gender identities through monthly socials and providing educational resources.

  • Photo of Christina Dearlove
    Christina Dearlove (She/Her)
    Team Leader
  • Photo of Kerry Kleis
    Kerry Kleis (She/Them)
    Team Leader
  • Photo of Charlotte Logan
    Charlotte Logan (She/Her)
    Research & Development
Patrons & Ambassadors

Provide external support and promotion of the charity.

  • Photo of Diane Abbott MP
    Diane Abbott MP (She/Her)
  • Photo of Mark Lawrence
    Mark Lawrence (He/Him)
  • Photo of AJ Jain
    AJ Jain (She/Her)
  • Photo of Andrew Cumpsty
    Andrew Cumpsty (He/Him)
  • Photo of David Rigg
    David Rigg (He/Him)
  • Photo of Debbie Daniels
    Debbie Daniels (She/Her)
  • Photo of John Melrose
    John Melrose (He/Him)
  • Photo of Marc Aldridge
    Marc Aldridge (He/Him)
  • Photo of Nada Al-Sanjari
    Nada Al-Sanjari (She/Her)
  • Photo of Phil Jones
    Phil Jones (He/Him)
  • Photo of Sally Swift
    Sally Swift (She/Her)
  • Photo of Reading Carnival Cultural Group
    Reading Carnival Cultural Group
  • Photo of Reading Renegades RFC
    Reading Renegades RFC