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17-24-30 Hate Crime Vigil 2016 [Update]

Published: Wednesday, 19th October 2016 by Christina Dearlove

A vigil was held in Reading's Forbury Gardens Bandstand on Saturday 15th October to remember those killed and injured in the 17-24-30 Bombings

National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2016 took place between 8th to 15th October.

A vigil was held in the Forbury Gardens bandstand on Saturday 15th October to remember those killed and injured in the 17-24-30 London Bombings, such as race etc.

Organised by Jamie Wake, more than 50 people attended the event which was supported by Reading Pride and MyUmbrella.

Chair of Thames Valley LGBT+ Police Network Sgt Andy Barkham said how important it is we all report in any hate crimes - no matter how small we feel it is, to the police so they can stamp it out before it becomes a more serious crime.

Following on from Thames Valley Police, Katie Phipps (Reading Pride) spoke about hate crime within the LGB community Katie said:

The highest prison sentence that a criminal can face for homophobic and transphobic hate crime is just six months. This needs to change and homophobic and transphobic attacks should be treated equally.

Tania Ellwood (MyUmbrella) spoke about Transphobia:

The number of transphobic hate crimes reported to the police nationally has nearly trebled in the past five years, according to figures obtained through the Freedom of Information Act but low prosecution rates are causing a "lack of trust" in police.

Kerry Goodman (Reading Pride and MyUmbrella) spoke about Asexual hate crime:

It's amazing that in 2016 Asexuality is becoming more and more recognised, but with this comes more acephobic attitudes and comments like you've not had sex with me so how would you no.

Our thanks also go to Samaritans for sending support volunteers and Chris and Kerry from Gay Pride Pics for covering the event for us.