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Launchpad - Getting back on a stable path - Big Sleep Out

Published: Thursday, 10th August 2017

Getting back on a stable path. We’ve all made poor decisions, had bad luck or made mistakes. Most of the time we’re able to shrug them off and get on with life.

Getting back on a stable path. We’ve all made poor decisions, had bad luck or made mistakes. Most of the time we’re able to shrug them off and get on with life.

But it’s not always easy to get back on a stable path. That’s why Launchpad exists. They help people in Reading turn things around.

Last year, Launchpad were delighted to host a stand at the Reading Pride Parade & Festival. Despite the rain, they had a fantastic day and met some wonderful ambassadors of the LGBT and wider community, who showed great support for the charity and its cause.

More importantly, they had the opportunity to speak to several members of the public about the issue of homelessness. Launchpad know that the LGBT community face unique challenges with homelessness. There are some shocking statistics that shine a light on the vulnerability of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people in the UK and sadly, Reading is no exception. Discrimination and inequality can not only lead to social exclusion and isolation, but can also create complex barriers for those individuals accessing mainstream services.

Launchpad provide three key services which help to prevent homelessness and support everyone individually. Everyone has their own challenges, so they do what’s best for them and their situation. If you or someone you know in Reading needs help with their housing situation, please visit Launchpad's website to see how they can help.

This year, Launchpad are back for what is promised to be the biggest and best Reading Pride & Parade Festival yet!

In the lead up to Pride 2017 they will be running a new activity for our clients; an informal LGBTQ coffee morning. This will focus on peer support, building confidence and socialising in a safe space. Together they will explore identity through relaxed, creative workshops and increase self-esteem through sharing experiences. Some of their clients have never attended community events as their confidence can be very low, or they may struggle in crowded settings. Launchpad hope that by building their confidence in the group they will be boosted to attend more community events, including the brilliant Reading Pride festival.

Big Sleep Out - Get sponsored to Sleep Out, for just one night, so others don’t have to. We know that Reading Pride is about more than just one day. It’s about showing solidarity, bringing the community together, and demonstrating that Reading is always passionate about supporting its most vulnerable.

The night before the Reading Pride Festival, Launchpad are holding their annual ‘Big Sleep Out’ event.

The Big Sleep Out aims to raise money and awareness of the realities of sleeping rough. Every year Launchpad ask people to swap their bed for a sleeping bag and cardboard shelter, to try and gain a better understanding of what it’s like for those who are homeless.

In 2016, 63 people slept out and we raised over £15,000, all of which helped them support some of Reading’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged people and help prevent homelessness in the town.

The Big Sleep Out 2017 will be held on Friday September 1st at Queen Anne’s School in Caversham and will run through til the morning of Saturday September 2nd. If you would like a memorable start to your Pride weekend, supporting another fantastic local cause, then why not sign up to sleep out!

To find out more about the event, click here. If you’d like to register your interest and reserve a place, or for more information you can email Sophie Stokes or call 0118 929 1146.

Launchpad can’t wait for Reading Pride Parade & Festival 2017. Don’t forget to look out for their stand which will be adorned with the unmissable Launchpad colours; a befitting reflection of the diverse and vibrant Reading community we are proud to be a part of.

For more information on Launchpad and our services please visit:

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