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Lesser known sexualities and genders to play a bigger role

Published: Thursday, 9th June 2016 by Christina Dearlove

Lesser known sexualities and genders playing a bigger role in the celebrations this year as we help awareness about them grow.

Reading Pride 2016 will take place on 3rd September with the lesser known sexualities and genders playing a bigger role in the celebrations this year as we help awareness about them grow.

MyUmbrella was launched at Reading Pride 2015 as a volunteer sub-organisation support group for the lesser known LGBT+ identities with an aim to educate, campaign, support and offer social outings along with signposting those who require the support and advice from other organisations to the relevant services.

Reading Pride CEO, Alex Walker said:

We are delighted to form this social and support group in order to reiterate that Reading Pride is open to all. Following on from our previous success with building support for the Trans* community at our Festival, it was recognised that other identities felt neglected by Pride festivals and the main scene. MyUmbrella has been launched to offer those who identify outside the LGBT a place to meet, socialise and seek support.

MyUmbrella Co-founder, Kerry Goodman added:

My reason for starting MyUmbrella was a personal one. Identifying as a lesser known gender and sexual orientation person, I never felt fully included at pride events. There would be a few people with Asexual flags and some homemade banners. We would also join in the parades but I felt that we should be just as visible as the LGBT community. LGBT has fought a lot of stigma in the past and now there are laws that protect the LGBT community, life comes with a lot less aggro. Now it's time to support those of lesser known identities.

MyUmbrella CAO, Beth Wright added:

I joined due to their interest in getting lesser known LGBT identities on the map. In my opinion there is so much more to LGBT than just LGBT and this is what MyUmbrella stands for and I've found somewhere where I feel I belong.

Since its launch at Reading Pride 2015, MyUmbrella has been networking with organisations to create a network of support services and offer a variety of social events. The monthly social meetings are proving to be extremely successful as they offer a space for people to meet and socialize in informal surroundings.

If you would like more information about this topic, please visit their website or contact the team by email at [email protected]