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UK Pride Organisers' Conference in Birmingham

Published: Wednesday, 12th October 2016 by Christina Dearlove

Christina and Kerry visited the 2nd UK Pride Organisers' Conference in Birmingham with over 40 Prides represented from across the country, coming together to discuss the common that we face.

Christina Dearlove and Kerry Goodman from our committee visited the 2nd UK Pride Organisers' Conference which was held on the 8th and 9th of October at the Loft Lounge in Birmingham. There were over 40 Prides represented from across the country and a representative from Euro and inter Pride, all coming together to discuss common problems and advise one another with ways to resolve problems that we face.

This was a valuable chance to continue network and get help on issues we as a pride face and it was comforting to hear that we all struggle with similar. We also were there to meet members from other Prides and see how we can all work together and support one another. The conference also gave us the chance as a long established Pride to help and advise the newer Prides that’s started this year or are starting next year on how to develop and have offered some are local to us are continued support. Both Christina and Kerry are part of the MyUmbrella project, a lot of prides are having issues getting the lesser known sexualities to attend their events so it was really good to share things we at Reading have done and steps we are making, and are going to work with even more prides in 2017 to advise them further on how to create a fantastic event for the LGBT+ community to enjoy.

Delegates agreed to the formal creation of the UK Pride Organisers Network (UKPON), and on Saturday sought expressions of interest from people who wanted to stand for election to UKPON's Board for the first twelve months.

Elections were held on Sunday, and Kerry was elected as Inclusions Officer

Kerry said:

I am very proud to announce that I have been elected to stand on the committee for the UK Pride Organisers Network as Inclusion Officer for the next 12 Months. In this role, my aim is to help every pride be more inclusive of the lesser known LGBT + identities and to get these identities better known throughout the LGBT community

A massive thank you must be made to London and Birmingham Pride together with support from Proud Events for organising the event, Kerry and Christina had an incredible time, and learnt so much. Special thanks to the Loft Lounge in Birmingham for the use of their venue.