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Club F.O.D's Community Hub and Stage

Club F.O.D have been organising dedicated LGBT+ nights in Berkshire since 2019, and it has evolved into becoming a registered charity that actively prevents social isolation within the LGBT+ community and carries out a wide range of activities to reduce social isolation where it already exists.

In 2021, Club F.O.D were invited to run the PrideXtra tent at Reading Pride where they were able to trial a concept that explored how the Club F.O.D principles could and would translate to an outdoor event. They successfully proved that their approach supports the prevention of social isolation at Pride Festivals.

In 2022, Club F.O.D hosted a dedicated area that provided Reading Pride with an on-site community hub that coordinated community resources, actively promoting connection and providing a safe-space within a wider safe-space where the F.O.D Squad spent the day talking to each and every individual, connecting them to others: all against the backdrop of cabaret, music, games and community signposting. It is believed that this was the first project of its kind at a UK Pride festival.

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Why Pride?

For the LGBT+ community, Pride is a celebration of identity, diversity, and inclusion. Sadly, for a variety of reasons, for some people pride can be a lonely experience: for example, there are many that for whatever reasons have to attend alone, there are those with mobility issues and there are those who are challenged by crowded spaces. In some instances, people choose not to attend a pride event because of this.

For a significant number of the LGBT+ community, an individual’s first pride literally can change their life: it's empowering and exhilarating to discover that there are people just like you.

Club F.O.D is committed to removing barriers to ensure that everyone's first Pride is empowering and exhilarating.

What can attendees expect?

As a manned community hub, attendees can expect to be feel welcome and safe against the backdrop of Cabaret from Drag Performers, Vocalists and Comedians, Games, Karaoke, Music and Bingo. As well as acts you already know, Club F.O.D is proud to showcase local talent that you may not have seen before! Plus surprises and special guests throughout the day!

Jamie's Karaoke – Song Book & App

Your Hosts

Please note: Performance times are approximate and may vary on the day.

  • Photo of Lady M 1:00pm
    Lady M
  • Photo of Miss Tina 1:00pm
    Miss Tina


Please note: Performance times are approximate and may vary on the day.

  • Photo of DJ F’Unkle 12:00pm
    DJ F’Unkle
  • Photo of Fun & Games with Lady M 12:35pm
    Fun & Games with Lady M
  • Photo of Jamie’s Karaoke 1:50pm
    Jamie’s Karaoke
  • Photo of Wilma Fingadoo 2:25pm
    Wilma Fingadoo
  • Photo of Miss Tina 3:10pm
    Miss Tina
  • Photo of Lady M 3:35pm
    Lady M
  • Photo of Drag Bingo with Miss Tina 4:15pm
    Drag Bingo with Miss Tina
  • Photo of Yuvi 4:55pm
  • Photo of Dr. Bev 5:50pm
    Dr. Bev