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K&F Zone

This year Animagi is working with Reading Pride to ensure the Kink and Fetish community have an area including stalls, social space, a pet play area and more.

This year, is a year that we must come together more than ever, being able to finally see each other and show our true colours in the world. Whether you are flagging using the handkerchief code or waving your pride flags high, we would love you to join us to celebrate and stand to support our LGBT+ community.

Common Questions About Kink & Fetish at Pride

Why have Kink & Fetish at Pride?
Kink & Fetish is a subculture of our diverse LGBT+ community. For some, wearing Leather, rubber, etc., aids in their confidence to attend Pride. We also recognise the importance of the intersection of this community in supporting and march for anti-censorship, sex positivity, sex workers rights, anti-Section 28 and ACT-UP campaigns.
What is Kink & Fetish?
Kink is typically described as a form of gaining gratification that is generally not included within "conventional" societal standards. At the same time, Fetish is the attraction to an item, object, material, body part, etc. A fetish can also be described as something, which helps someone gain gratification. Gratification can be any fulfilment and isn't always sexual.
What is the point of having this group/area?
As well as making a safe space and community area for people in the Kink & Fetish community to talk about issues they face in the broader LGBT+ community, Animagi aims to support raising awareness and providing education around sexual health at Pride. Animagi will be sharing sexual health information and give away condoms and lube supported by Thames Valley Positive Support.
We don't want them there, we don't want nudity?
We have worked with all different groups, and we have established a dress code for Pride, which everyone must abide by; this includes swimwear coverage, which follows public decency laws.
Kink & Fetish isn't family-friendly!
The community has been a large part of queer culture even before Stonewall, and it is crucial to recognise the sizeable its cultural and historical significance. We ensure that no adult themes are talked about around people under the age of 18 and all 18+ resources are delivered within the zone.