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Pride aLive Stage

Reading Pride is very proud to welcome back the Pride aLive stage. Featuring fantastic local artists and bands who are either friends, allies and supporters of, or who identify themselves as LGBT+. Throughout the day they will be playing a mix of their own songs and popular tunes. There is a strong and vibrant music scene in Reading with many bands and acts on the cusp of breaking into the professional industry. This stage showcases that talent and the generous support there is locally for LGBT+ and across all diversity.

Line Up

  • Photo of Eleanor Knight
    Eleanor Knight
  • Photo of Reading Spring Gardens Brass Band
    Reading Spring Gardens Brass Band
  • Photo of Buildings on Fire
    Buildings on Fire
  • Photo of Stuart Hutton
    Stuart Hutton
  • Photo of Cody Noon
    Cody Noon
  • Photo of Jamie Larbalestier
    Jamie Larbalestier
  • Photo of Swallow
  • Photo of Four Counties Kev
    Four Counties Kev
  • Photo of Amya Ray
    Amya Ray
  • Photo of EJ - Elton John Tribute
    EJ - Elton John Tribute
  • Photo of Colours & Fires
    Colours & Fires
  • Photo of Amanda Andjelkovic
    Amanda Andjelkovic
  • Photo of Harroland
  • Photo of Tomorrow Bird
    Tomorrow Bird
  • Photo of Sam and the Gang
    Sam and the Gang