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Pride aLive Stage

Reading Pride is proud to welcome back our Pride aLive stage to our Love Unites 2023 Festival which has been gratefully sponsored this year by SSE.

It features fantastic local artists and bands who are either friends, allies and supporters of, or who themselves identify as LGBT+. Throughout the day they will be performing a mix of their own original songs and popular tunes. We have a strong and vibrant music scene here in Reading with many bands and acts on the cusp of breaking into the professional industry. This stage showcases that talent and the generous support there is locally for LGBT+ and across all diversity.

This year we are once again partnering with Readipop, a local charity which uses music and arts to enrich lives, communities and the cultural landscape of Reading and the Thames Valley, working with everyone from vulnerable young people and older folk, to aspiring artists and musicians.


  • Photo of Dream Sellers
    Dream Sellers
  • Photo of Cities in Dust
    Cities in Dust
  • Photo of Country Chicks
    Country Chicks
  • Photo of Ellis Ballard
    Ellis Ballard
  • Photo of Country Moans
    Country Moans
  • Photo of The Chah
    The Chah
  • Photo of Glass Half Broken
    Glass Half Broken
  • Photo of Oliver Hagen
    Oliver Hagen
  • Photo of Boho Supergroup
    Boho Supergroup
  • Photo of Colours and Fires
    Colours and Fires
  • Photo of WolfNote
  • Photo of Lack of Faith
    Lack of Faith