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Pride aLive Stage

Reading Pride is very proud to welcome back the Pride aLive stage. Featuring fantastic local artists and bands who are either friends, allies and supporters of, or who identify themselves as LGBT+. Throughout the day they will be playing a mix of their own songs and popular tunes. There is a strong and vibrant music scene in Reading with many bands and acts on the cusp of breaking into the professional industry. This stage showcases that talent and the generous support there is locally for LGBT+ and across all diversity.


Please note: Performance times are approximate and may vary on the day.

  • Photo of Rachel Redman
    Rachel Redman 12:20pm
  • Photo of Jamie Larbalestier
    Jamie Larbalestier 12:50pm
  • Photo of Indigo Child
    Indigo Child 1:20pm
  • Photo of Tara Deane
    Tara Deane 1:50pm
  • Photo of James Kell
    James Kell 2:20pm
  • Photo of Wherewithal
    Wherewithal 2:50pm
  • Photo of Andy SugarCandy
    Andy SugarCandy 3:20pm
  • Photo of Lisa Kenny
    Lisa Kenny 3:50pm
  • Photo of Mother Pluckers
    Mother Pluckers 4:20pm
  • Photo of Colours & Fires
    Colours & Fires 4:50pm
  • Photo of Hatty Taylor
    Hatty Taylor 5:20pm
  • Photo of Nicole Allan
    Nicole Allan 5:55pm
  • Photo of Lack of Faith
    Lack of Faith 6:35pm