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PrideXtra Stage

Iota Events proudly presents the PrideXtra Stage, where the spotlight shall illuminate the dazzling queer scene of Reading and its surrounding areas. This year, you will witness a truly captivating platform that celebrates the vibrant diversity and unapologetic creativity of drag.

In addition, the PrideXtra stage will feature quintessential elements of Reading's LGBTQIA+ culture that have inspired and furthered the success of Iota Events. You can expect burlesque, photography, DJ sets, artists, and to see individuality and self expression reign supreme.

This is Big Jay's love letter to their drag journey and Reading's queer community, and they look forward to welcoming you, to challenging norms and to share our unyielding Pride.


  • Photo of Double Okay
    Double Okay
  • Photo of Dauc (Host)
    Dauc (Host)
  • Photo of Art Attack (Host)
    Art Attack (Host)
  • Photo of Cairo Ali (Host)
    Cairo Ali (Host)
  • Photo of Anitah DJ
    Anitah DJ
  • Photo of The Scarlet Vixens
    The Scarlet Vixens
  • Photo of Dorian Gay
    Dorian Gay
  • Photo of Francis LightningHeart
    Francis LightningHeart
  • Photo of Grace Anatomy
    Grace Anatomy