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Survey 2021 – How did we do?

Wow! What a super event we had this year, and it wouldn't have happened without all of you. The past 18 months have been challenging for everyone, so we were thrilled we were able to put on this event, with the majority of the planning done since the 19th July!

Whether it was sponsorships, supporters, marketplace traders, hosts and entertainers, funfair and more, to the dedicated volunteers and committee members that worked tirelessly to put everything together – THANK YOU. We certainly think this will be a year to remember.

If you attended our event, we thank you for your support and would love to hear from you. A lot of work goes into planning this event behind the scenes. If you’d like to get involved you can contact us directly, or you can provide your details on our survey. Each year we a run a survey to get back important information about our event and use that to shape our event for the future. We look forward to hearing from you and again thank you for helping us create a wonderful event.